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The Japanese Saturday School Program is a partnership with Purdue University.  In addition to the support of the Japanese Ministry of Education, it is supported by a number of local organizations and parents to provide educational services to Japanese children and local community members who wish to learn Japanese. It is an important part of the JAAI mission.  Are you a teacher or can you help in another way?  Do you want to learn Japanese?  Reach out to us today!


Helping Hands

There are many ways to volunteer your time and talents. We have several events and committees that require a wide variety of skills and commitments. Contact us and we can find a great fit for your specific interests! We are grateful for the support of our wonderful volunteers! We cannot do it without you!

As a Not For Profit, we need the support of our members and the community. If you are interested in becoming a Donor to JAAI or a Sponsor of one of our wonderful community events, please contact us today!

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