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Japanese American Community New Year Celebration - January 14 in the Psi Ote Upper Pavilion in Northside Park

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Come take part in traditional Japanese food and games and enjoy entertainment.  For full details and to RSVP, please click NEW YEAR.


The next Fort Wayne Cherry Blossom Festival will be on May 19, 2024 in Walb Student Union at Purdue University-Fort Wayne! 

This festival takes many months of planning and preparation, by many supporting people and organizations. Work is already underway on the next Festival! 

Click  here to view the Cherry Blossom Festival website.

Past Event: August 13 Japanese American Community Picnic

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The annual Japanese American Community Summer Picnic was  held on Aug. 13, from 1 pm - 5 pm in the Japanese Pavilion in Swinney Park West.

Click PICNIC FUN to read all about it.


Murotani & Company
Sea in Spring
CBF 2021
Click on image.

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Want to help?


Volunteers are an important part of being able to hold events, such as this. If you would like to help support the event with your time or talent, please contact us!


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